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What some of our customer's have said on our Facebook reviews

Claire Duke 

My daughter has had ongoing issues with her skin, mainly eczema but also molasses blisters too. After trying cortisone and anti biotic cream the doctor told me it was a virus that needed to run its course.

Seeing how well this Bush Rub worked on her eczema I decided to try it on her molasses, and it has almost cleared up and looks like it won’t be scarring her perfect little legs.

On top of these results I can’t thank Nina enough for all of her support and guidance with my little empath daughter some people just choose to do good without any expectations from others and Nina is one of those people.

We are also loving the Sage smudge sticks, it works as such a great reset to the energy we often carry from others without even realising it.

Thanks so much guys xxx

Shane McCoubrey

for dogs too it is a great skin healing and irritating reducing rub....we ve all seen those pets who scratch or are irritated because their owner can't find the right healing product...this is it

Taylah Turner

Ive used it throughout my entire life on basically everything from cuts, scrapes and bruises to eczema, headaches, sore muscles and for cold and flu relief. 100% would recommend. perfect for everything and works so well.

Bec Moon

Irmangka-Irmangka Bush medicine rub is absolutely amazing, I have been struggling with my creaky knee (AKA Old lady knee) for a few years now and when I was gifted a jar of this majik it changed my daily walks... I rub it on my knee each night before bed and can walk for hours with no pops and pains the next day.

I have also used this on skin irritations with amazing results. Real Earth Magic

Luci Holland

I am sooooooo stoked that I had come across your store at the Womin Djeka festival in Balnarring back in March.....

This blend has helped me so much. With aches and pains of the body !! Especially my ankles..

Now being 35 weeks pregant I get severe pains down my legs pelvis and pubic region and going from 8/10 pain i apply this blend on those sore areas and the pain settles to about a 4 /10 so definately magic:))

So thank you for your creation

Bath bomb or spray would be amazing !!

Kellie Phillips

Your bush medicine saved me the other morning.

4.30am nearly vomited with a migraine, couldn't open my left eye. Checked for stroke then used it on my sore spots. 5 minutes GONE thank you xx

Christine Spoljar

Been using the Bush rub since it first came up for sale and it’s great for everything! Received my second smudge stick (beautifully wrapped with a crystal) to clear away those unwanted energies! calming. The pain relief Bush medicine has now replaced the plain one on my husbands feet every night...think he is addicted!...and I have used it when I have the occasional headache to great effect. The new product lip balm came to my rescue this week with the cold biting winds and the burning red ring around my mouth has disappeared...what’s not to love about all of Aboriginal Art and Bush rub products? I also have 3 art works on my wall and a custom one in the pipeline. Thank you Nina and your products and your beautiful hearts! PS...The gift box at Christmas time was a big hit in Dubai for that someone who has everything...and a great way to promote Aussie home-made products

Me and my partner have used the rub to treat soreness, minor cuts and rashes and it works a treat! Can't say enough good things about it! Have a few older friends that have tried it and they all say it's great for helping heal scar tissue etc. Excellent product!!!

Greg Suares

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