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" Our Mob Candle Collection"


Size: 50x88cm set of 3 candles (front left)

Colour: Red, Black and Golden yellow

Scent: Each candle will have a different scent and may vary from each batch depending on what i have available. They all smell amazing!!

The photo above is for display purposes only as we no longer use mica glitter in our engraved area. Your engraving will be the same but it is now filled with grounded crystals and will be intuitively chosen for you. It looks pretty cool and sets like stone once it’s applied in the grooves. It could be moonstone, garnet, amethyst, citrine, adventurine, labradorite, carnelian and so many more are available.


We brew, pour and artistically design different creations on our candles according to what comes to mind at the time.


These candle need to be placed in a dish not on a flat surface. They have a long burn time and produce a lantern effect as the candle burns down leaving an amazing effect.


If you have never burned one of these type of wax candles then you are seriously missing out. they are just gorgeous to have in your home or outside entertainment area.


We love these type of candles and they smell absolutely divine!!


Warning: Never leave burning candles unattended or where children can reach them EVER!!

" Our Mob Candle Collection"

GST Included
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