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Traditional Bush Medicine Irmangka-Irmangka is grown on Kokatha Country. Its traditionally used by our people to aid in the relief of many ailments that you can read about under the original traditional rub here on our site.


This particular rub has been brewed and combined with Palo Santo essential oil to give relief to headaches and stress. Palo Santo has been traditionally used by many cultures to aid in the relief of asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, and reduce inflammation.


Combining our bush medicine and the Palo Santo Oil , the blend will give you overall wellbeing when rubbed into the temples, forehead, neck and shoulders and provide an overall calming effect when used regularly.


With the potent benefits of our bush medicine and the palo santo you will be sure to get some great relief with your headaches and feelings of stress.


Directions: Rub topically into temples, forehead back of neck and shoulder to relieve headache tension and stress. Use as much as needed.  Can be used in massage. Do apply to open cuts or grazes.


100% All Natural Ingredients: Irmangka-Irmangka ( commonly known as Emu Bush and one of the Eremophila Plant family) Olive Oil and BeesWax and Palo Santo Essential oil.


Kata-Wiru Irmangka-Irmangka Bush Medicine

GST Included
  • Picked & Brewed traditionally and packaged by Shane and Nina

  • I’m a Return and Refund policy. 

    If within 30 days you are not satified with your product please return it back to us for a full refund, although we have full guarantee that you will love our art and bush medicine we dont expect you to ever want to return anything you have purchased from us but we offer this option to you anyway as a show of respect between us.

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