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The Tree Of Life


The Tree of Life symbol also represents the connection to one’s family and ancestors. The Tree of Life has an intricate network of branches that represents how a family grows and expands throughout many generations. It also symbolizes fertility as it always finds a way to keep growing, through seeds or new saplings, and is lush and green, which signifies its vitality. 


Trees have always evoked a sense of calm and peace so it is unsurprising that the Tree of Life is also a symbol for peacefulness and relaxation. Trees have a relaxing presence as they stand tall and still while their leaves flutter in the breeze. The Tree of Life serves as a reminder for the unique, calming feeling that one gets from trees.



Canvas Print only

Print exactly 80cmx80cm with a 2 inch border to allow you to frame it how you like.

This painting will be signed and numbered by Nina and Shane Wright - Kokatha and Narungga Artists from South Australia


Rolled and posted in a hard tube for protection.

The Tree of Life

GST Included
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