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Shane & Nina Wright

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      It started from a dream,  that dream then became our reality!!      

We are from the Kokatha tribe of South Australia and come from

a long cultural line of Kokatha people. Both our families are from the Central and Western Desert regions of South Australia and The Narungga and Kaurna peoples of the Yorke Peninsula and greater Adelaide. Our traditional ties are all throughout SA and into the Northern Territory, in and around Alice Springs and Uluru.

We have a strong artistic nature and a love for our land and heritage. 

We both have different styles separately but together when we combine our talent in joint projects.......magick is made!!

We have known each other for most of our lives and love being together in our creative space......  and yes we are married!


Being in a strong healthy relationship together enables us to pursue our Art and enhance our Bush Medicine skills and knowledge.


Our journey is one of respect for our culture, our ancestors, our families and each other.


Whilst sharing in the beauty of our love for painting and making Bush Medicine and various aboriginal artefacts, objects and tools from nature whilst out bush on country with family.

For my husband and I, It's about how we can bring our amazing Aboriginal culture to the outside world and show you its beauty and wonder.

So with love and combining our talent and what our elders taught us,

the birth of EARTHwise Culture was born..........

The past couple of years we have been creatively finding our way in business,

painting custom art pieces and developing our new bush medicine products by the addition of Essential Oils. We have also taken to making Candles and carving our designs into them, you have to check then out, very cool I must say!!

Over time I'm sure with your help we will continue to grow and provide healing to our online family and friends, old and new!

Let our Bush Medicines sooth away your aches and pains whilst our Art

 will give you all something wonderful to look at under the ambience, our candle range creates, with their vibrant colours and amazing scents.

and maybe...just maybe, giving you a little arty inspiration of your own.

Nina and Shane


P.S  We now do various Workshops in woodwork (Yidaki's, Clapsticks, Boomerangs, Piti's and Coolamons, Art Classes, Candle making classes, Smudge Stick with Bush Medicines and other several other plants including White Sage, Australian Sage and Garden Sage just to name a few, The smell and healing properties will lift your spirit and surround you with positive energy!

Send us an email to let us know how we can help your women's group, men's group and youth group's engage in our programs.

We are available for art projects in your school.

We also come to your place of work and give workshops to your staff

Help us to heal you and connect you with our CULTURE.

We want to share what our community and elders shared with us, maybe not all everything but definately what we can.

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