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Created By "Inspired by Moana" exclusively for EARTHwise Culture.

These specific bracelets aren't found anywhere else and have been designed and created by our beautiful friend Moana.  Moana's bracelets and necklaces speak for themselves and you can find her on facebook under her page name above. She has an amazing array of items that you will not be able to take your eyes off, Stunning pieces just like these ones above we have called Culture Connections as she has made a couples pair for my hubby and i along with a pair for my daughters to show their sister connection with each other.  


Bracelets are made using 3 crystals

Red Jasper for grounding

Yellow Mookaite for Nurturing

Black Obsidian for protection and releasing the past traumas or feelings  that we keep suppressed.


You can also look up further healing properities or spiritual meanings that these beautiful crystals hold. 


Adjustable size to fit any adult. If you wish to have a custom piece made smaller for a child please let msg us and i will endevour to accommodate your request.

Culture Connection

GST Included
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